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JDKJN John Gravenall, 7th Degree Black Belt Master & Personal Trainer

Kuk Sool Won in Tamworth was established almost 20 years ago by Master John. Currently a 7th Degree Master in Kuk Sool Won, JDKJN has over 35 years experience training and teaching Kuk Sool Won. JDKJN John Gravenall began training in Kuk Sool Won in 1985 under Master Phillip Holmes, along with his good friend and training partner Master Phillip Hinchcliffe.
He promoted to a 1st Degree Black Belt in 1989 and, has progressed through the ranks, currently holding a 7th Degree Black Belt, Master title in Kuk Sool.
JDKJN John is a committed and passionate Instructor, with a wealth of experience and knowledge in teaching Martial Arts and Self Defence. JDKJN John has travelled around the world and, has been privileged to train with and under some of the best Martial Arts Instructors in the industry. More notably, JDKJN has trained under The Grandmaster himself, In Hyuk Suh, who has stayed with JDKJN and his family on numerous occasions during UK Seminar Tours.
JDKJN John has competed in a numerous Kuk Sool Tournaments and holds a number of different National Titles. He has performed in countless High Profile Demonstrations, including being part of the Kuk Sool Won Demonstration Team who performed at the Beckhams World Cup Party.
JDKJN John focused a period of his life in the Armed Forces, in the Bomb Disposal Unit, where he served in the Middle East. After leaving the Armed Forces, JIKJN John joined the Police Service, undertaking a variety of roles, where he worked on specialist teams. JDKJN has now retired from the Police and is investing all his time into Kuk Sool Won.
In addition to this, JDKJN is qualified in Personal Training and Sports Injury Therapy, all of which compliments his Martial Arts Tuition.

PSBN Carole Vickers, 3rd Degree Deputy Chief Instructor & Personal Trainer

PSBN Carole begin her Kuk Sool training in 2006 in Tamworth. Having always wanted to learn martial arts but never knowing where to start, PSBN was introduced to Kuk Sool Won by JDKJN, whom she works alongside. PSBN will quote, ‘Considering myself to be a reasonably fit and healthy individual, nothing could have prepared me for that first lesson. Kicks, handstrikes, acrobatics, joint lock techniques, throws, forms – needless to say my head was somewhat blown; but all the same I was hooked’. PSBN Carole progressed through her grades under the guidance of Master John and other experienced Black Belts in the club. PSBN Carole began teaching in 2010 and in 2011, she achieved her 1st Degree Black Belt and title of JKN and in 2015, her 2nd Degree Black Belt. In November 2019, PSBN Carole earnt her new title and new belt for 3rd Degree Black Belt. PSBN Carole is a full time Instructor at Tamworth, passing on her experience and knowledge to other students. She runs the admin, marketing and social media behind the scenes in addition to teaching. Alongside teaching Kuk Sool, PSBN Carole is a fully qualified Personal Trainer, Spin and Yoga Instructor and you will often find her next door to Kuk Sool at her fitness and wellness centre Restore Body & Mind, which she runs alongside Master John.

PSBN Mark Smith, 3rd Degree Black Belt Assistant Instructor

PSBN Mark began his Kuk Sool Won Journey at the youthful age of 35. After training in many other martial arts disciplines such as Karate, Kung Fu and Boxing, as soon as PSBN Mark was introduced to Kuk Sool, he never looked back.
PSBN Mark loves the variety within the Art and is particularly drawn to the vast and varied weapons training.
PSBN Mark successfully ran his own Kuk Sool School in the Midlands, prior to joining the instructor team at Kuk Sool Won of Tamworth. PSBN Mark has progressed through the grades and promoted to 3rd degree black belt in November 2018. He has competed in numerous competitions in the UK and won an array of medals. PSBN has introduced, taught and nurtured many students to achieve their black belts, including one of his own daughters. PSBN Mark has a strong passion for teaching and inspiring others to learn new skills and achieve.

KSN Ryan Perry, 3rd Degree Black Belt Assistant Instructor

PSBN Ryan began his Kuk Sool Won journey in 2005 at the age of 5years. At the time, he trained at Peters Hill, Birmingham under Senior Master and Instructor JDKJN John Gravenall. In 2012, PSBN Ryan achieved his 1st Dahn Black Belt. At this time, PSBN Ryan continued to dedicate his time and show his commitment to the school and to Master John by travelling to Tamworth to continue his training. In 2017, he earned his 2nd Dahn Black Belt and title of Kyo Sa Nim and in 2020, PSBN progressed to 3rd Degree Black Belt. PSBN Ryan continues to be a strong and dedicated member of KSW Tamworth and travels 2-3 times weekly to train and teach at the school. He has become an inspiration to all within the school. PSBN Ryan most enjoys breakfalls and traditional weapons within Kuk Sool Won. He loves showcasing his talents with other students by participating in demonstrations and National Tournaments. PSBN Ryan has attended numerous tournaments with great success and has had the privilege of being taught by many Senior Masters, including the Grandmasters Sons, Master Sung Jin and Master Alex Suh.

Mel Marsh

Admin / Desk Manager

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 Kuk Sool Won of Tamworth

Unit 4
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