Kuk Sool Won of Tamworth

Unit 4, Swan Park, Kettlebrook Road, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B77 1AG.

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Teens & Adults

Our combined Teens & Adults classes are suitable for anyone aged 13yrs and over.

Whether you have previous martial arts experience in another discipline, or you are a complete beginner, Kuk Sool Won can offer something for everybody, regardless of your age, size, fitness levels or experience. Our classes are structured and a typical class will include the following aspects:

Warm Up (10-15mins of cardiovascular / bodyweight exercises / mobility)
Flexibility training (Stretching is very important to Martial Arts training)
Stance training
Padwork / Kicks / Hand Strikes / Sparring
Traditional Forms
Techniques (There are over 200 techniques taught between White Belt – 1st Degree Black Belt – Every rank is taught new sets of techniques)
Breakfalls / Acrobatics

Classes will often involve many of the above. All classes are tapered to the individuals, there is no ‘DO IT THIS WAY OR NO WAY’. Our Instructors are accredited Personal Trainers and Sports Therapists and understand the mechanics of the body and take into consideration peoples injuries and abilities.

It is NEVER too late to start Martial Arts!!  Why not book your free trial lesson today?

 Kuk Sool Won of Tamworth

Unit 4
Swan Park, Kettlebrook Road
B77 1AG

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      Telephone: 07544174426