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Benefits of Kuk Sool Won

Kuk Sool Won is a comprehensive Martial Arts System, which provides numerous benefits to the practitioner.

As a martial arts system, Kuk Sool Won™ is extremely well-organised; and seeks to integrate and explore the entire spectrum of established Asian fighting arts and body conditioning techniques, as well as mental development and traditional weapons training.

Kuk Sool Won will develop and enhance coordination, balance, self confidence and self discipline.  Through regular and consistent training, students can expect to develop strength, flexibility, improve balance and proprioception.  Long term training benefits include enhanced fitness and circulation, a stronger heart and mind, reduced joint problems, weight loss and much more.

Kuk Sool Won incorporates mental training as much as physical training.  The body is not strong without a strong mind, therefore training acknowledges the ‘whole’ student not just the physical one.  Mental training can help all individuals improve their confidence, and have better concentration levels.

Watch this video for an insight into Kuk Sool Won.

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 Kuk Sool Won of Tamworth

Unit 4
Swan Park, Kettlebrook Road
B77 1AG

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      Telephone: 07544174426