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Unit 4, Swan Park, Kettlebrook Road, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B77 1AG.

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Little Dragons 3-5yrs

Our Little Dragons classes are designed to teach the fundamentals of Martial Arts; such as etiquette and respect, listening, balance and coordination.  Our Little Dragons will learn punching / kicking / blocking drills and basic self defence skills to prepare them for the next steps of their Kuk Sool Won journey.  The classes are fun and impactive, but with an emphasis on discipline and learning.

The classes are structured and at the end of every month, each student will be graded for their next ‘stripes’.   Children can purchase their first uniform at a discounted price.  This will come with a white belt. At the end of every month, they will be graded in class to earn their new stripes, which to from ‘yellow’ – ‘blue’ – ‘red’ – ‘brown’ – ‘black’ When they achieve their black stripes, their next grading will then progress them to their full deputy Yellow Belts.  If, at this stage both Instructors and Parents believe they are ready to progress to the Dragons classes, they will move into the next class.   Should they require more time within the Little Dragons classes, they will continue to earn their stripes on their new belts until they reach their full ‘yellow belts’.   This journey can take between 6 months and 12 months dependent on the individual.

Parents are welcome to copies of the Little Dragons syllabus charts, so you are able to monitor their progress at home and help them to achieve their stripes.

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 Kuk Sool Won of Tamworth

Unit 4
Swan Park, Kettlebrook Road
B77 1AG

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      Telephone: 07544174426