Kuk Sool Won of Tamworth

Unit 4, Swan Park, Kettlebrook Road, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B77 1AG.

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Dragons Classes 6-8yrs

Our Kuk Sool Dragons classes promote traditional Martial Arts Values which include etiquette and respect, self-control and discipline.

Our school, instructors and students are friendly and welcoming and we believe in making the lessons as much fun as possible, whilst teaching our Dragons a variety of practical self defence skills. They will be taught key fundamentals of martial arts, such as balance, coordination, flexibility, mental and physical strength.

The vast and comprehensive Kuk Sool Won syllabus means that they never stop learning.  Starting their journey as white belts, they will be taught ‘Hyung’ (Traditional Forms – stances, kicks, ,blocks); joint locking techniques and throws; kicking / punching / blocking / sparring; Acrobatics and breakfalls and much much more.

Our Kuk Sool Dragons will progress through the varying ranks from white belt to black Belt, where they will then begin a whole new syllabus of learning.  Some of the students will start their journey in the Little Dragons classes and then progress through to the Kuk Sool Warriors classes to continue with their Black Belt journey.

We promote Anti-Bullying within the school and teach basic ‘street awareness and safety’ for our older Warriors.

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Class Timetable: 

Mondays 6pm-6.45pm – FULL (Waiting List)

Wednesdays 6pm-6.45pm – FULL (Waiting List)

Fridays 6.15pm-7pm (Places available) Book Here

To enquire about our Dragons Classes on a Monday and Wednesday or to add your child to the waiting list, please contact us on 07544 174426

 Kuk Sool Won of Tamworth

Unit 4
Swan Park, Kettlebrook Road
B77 1AG

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      Telephone: 07544174426